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Please note we are currently only in Rhode Island and Boston.

If you are in Boston and have Mass Health:
We unfortunately have not been able to connect with providers who take this insurance. Please call 1-800-841-2900 to ask for a referral directly.

If you are in Boston and wish to use an insurance other than Blue Cross Blue Shield:

Please note we are currently working on expanding our network of insurance-accepting therapists. While we will try our best to find a therapist who meets your needs, many therapists in Boston do not take insurance, and if they do, they are often not accepting new clients. As a result, we may provide private pay options. Thanks so much for your understanding!
What kind of clinician are you looking for? *

What is your insurance? *

United Health PPO
Boston University Student Insurance (Aetna)
Would you be open to paying without insurance? *

Therapists typically charge
$80 - $150 in Rhode Island
$150 - $250 in Boston

Where are you looking for a therapist? *

Providence, RI
Jamaica Plain, MA
Close to Boston College
What's on your mind? :) *

I have anxiety and depression. Looking for a queer-friendly therapist.
Anything else we should know?

I prefer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
I would like a female therapist.
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